You may remember me from organizing Horde-US #FriendshipMoose runs. During WoD, my team helped over 4,700 players obtain the Grove Warden from Heroic Archimonde at no cost.

I am happy to announce that the gang is all back together to help players get the Violet Spellwing for FREE!

If you are familiar with how these runs work, great! Things are mostly the same. If not, I've compiled all the information in one handy location for you to see how it all goes down. In addition, so that you don't need to keep an eye on Social Media, you can sign up for our e-mail list to be notified when things start (SOON) and to get a weekly e-mail with that week's run information. Here are the basics:


  • The runs will be FREE to anyone and winners will be chosen via Twitch lottery

  • The runs will be broadcasted live on Twitch (broadcasters announced later this week on Social Media)

  • These runs are for NA/OC players only. For info on other regions, see below


  • We will be hosting both ALLIANCE AND HORDE NA/OC runs!

  • Rather than using a hashtag, this will all be done under the PerkyPugs banner

  • We will be promoting a charity along with our runs, so that if people decide they want to show appreciation with a donation, it goes to a great cause!


IF you are interested in winning a spot in our runs

-I would highly suggest you sign up here to get an e-mail with all the information once runs start. We should be up and running within 7-10 days!

-Please make sure you read all the FAQs, most of your questions should be answered there!

-Join our Discord server , you're going to have to anyways, so you may as well pop in, say hello and ask any questions you may have! (We do other events as well!)

IF you want to help by becoming a carrier

-Carriers are the cool kids on the block! As a carrier you'll get shout outs on Twitter, access to private carrier-only channels in our Discord, and the heartfelt thanks from community members who get the Violet Spellwing when they wouldn't have otherwise been able to.

-You can sign up by using this form. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THROUGH THE REQUIREMENTS!

-As a reminder, a carrier is someone who is capable of not only pulling their own weight, but also carrying others. Not being chosen to be a carrier doesn't mean you aren't a good player, we just look for ways to maximize efficiency so we can help as many people as we can!


Do these things to make sure you have all the info:

Subscribe to our e-mail list

Join our Discord server

Follow us on Twitter

Like us on Facebook

For information on other runs, including EU runs, please visit friendshipbirb.com , which will act as one central hub for runs, updated daily with run/mount counts!

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My Friends and I Ran Ragefire Chasm Last Night, and it Was Enjoyable! Thanks to Blizzard.

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