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Hey everybody, here's my finished concept for the female version of the Tol'vir! The Tol'vir were one of my favorite races to be introduced in Cataclysm but I felt like they could be fleshed out a bit more as there weren't any female Tol'vir to be found in game. I imagined them as a "spear-huntress" archetype and decided to design them as a more thin/quick counterpart to the males.

This was a lot of fun to work on and definitely something out of my typical comfort zone, but I might take a shot at a few more WoW concepts in the future. Please feel free to let me know what you think, I always appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for checking it out, have a good one!

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I visited the Brawlers Guild for the first time yesterday. It is now my favorite place in WoW.

[Art] Female Tol'vir, Fan Concept"WTF dude!" An audience member shouts as he loses his streak. Apparently there are some who do not find the apocalyptic fire storm that is flame wall intimidating enough to step two feet to the side.   Some go down swinging, some die like bitches, and some simply stand there and perish. This is the Brawlers Guild, and it is my favorite place in WoW.   There I stood on top of a crate knocking down the cheapest strong digital drink I could find over and over. I was going to beat this fucked up version of pac man and I was going to do it wasted.   In the arena is some scrub who has been cornered by explosive teddybears. On the other side of the wall of plushies is kung ...
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