[Community Raid] Horde-US Taps Tomb of Sargeras raid schedule for the first week of August

<Taps Community Run> organized by Hachetwound-skywall

Howdy everyone! We invite you to come along with us for our weekly community raid. We will be running Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Tuesday and Wednesday night. Saturday we will be clearing normal.

Wednesday's run will be the same raid id as Tuesday and Tuesday's raiders will have priority for Wednesday's run. This is the first week of 2 nights of heroic for this group and look to get past Mistress.

Our raid leaders have been running this community raid for 8 months. We have helped over 200 people get AotCs for Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor and Nighthold.

iLvL req for normal Tomb of Sargeras: 885

iLvL req for heroic Tomb of Sargeras: 900

Raid Times: Heroic - Tuesday 8/1 and Wednesday 8/2 at 9pm Eastern Time.

Normal - Saturday 8/5 10pm Eastern Time

Voice: Discord https://discord.gg/WwBX4sb - Get in the "Raid - Taps" voice channel by 9pm est(Tue/Wed) or 10pm est(Sat) for invites.

Raid Rules: Our group is dedicated to giving people the chance to get AotCs and other achievements that lock people out of PUGs. We provide a laid back environment for people to learn the fights. We explain all fights if people have not seen it before. No religion or politics. Must be able to listen on discord.

Loot Rules: Personal Loot

Warning: If you are offended by bad words then you may want to skip our runs. We can be vulgar at times.

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 8/1 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 9pm EST

Sign up: Tanks and Healers are now full for this run. DPS spots are still open https://goo.gl/forms/pZsHg022DQ7DrJQC3

Thursday 8/2 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 9pm EST

Sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/In99Tkzfm9y7O3ay1

Saturday 8/5 Normal Tomb of Sargeras 10pm EST

Sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/VKIONEjymEqyCEL42

Here are some of our testimonials:

"I went with the TAPS group last night and it was awesome! I learned some stuff, stood in the wrong stuff at least once a pull (I learn slowly.), and even managed to stay alive for the whole fight a couple of times. I loved it. So thank you for being awesome and doing what you're doing!" - May 31, 2017

"Hey, I ran with you on my mage Anstus. I just have to say seriously thank you for that tonight. It was awesome. Sorry about my dps. This is literally my first dps character ever and he's a recent 110. For someone who is still learning how to dps and learning the class I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for such a fun and welcome experience" - May 23, 2017

"Last night was my first grouping with an event hosted by Tap's Heroic EN. I had never done heroic en before but the group was so fun and the raid leaders were so funny and relaxed. There was no drama, no yelling, no singling anyone out. It was just incredibly fun." - January 4, 2017

How to find me:

Ingame: hachetwound-skywall - I might be on an alt. You can ask anyone in the guild wreckage on skywall if I am on.

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So I think I figured out why Divine Storm isn't hitting things the way it should.

[Community Raid] Horde-US Taps Tomb of Sargeras raid schedule for the first week of AugustPlaying around last night I noticed something when I was using Divine Storm. I can't fully confirm it until I get home to do more testing, but I think I know why it's not hitting things the way it should. I jumped around and did the first WQ in the broken shore last night with the murlocs. Out of reflex I was spamming divine storm in hopes to hit things not realizing that it was still breezing right through enemies. Sometimes it would hit them, others it would just go right through and do nothing. I kept using it and I noticed that the farther away I got from the enemies, the more divine storm would hit. So I stood far back from the next group of enemies and threw DS at them. It hit ...