[Discussion] Is Odyn going to become a wasted character?

Odyn's addition to the Warcraft lore was very impactful, given that the other Keepers were depressed, which would explain their absence from world-threatening events. Also, his absence was explained by Helya locking him up in Skyhold.

Odyn is a very powerful fella, and a good amount of people expected him and his Valarjar to show up in the final push against the Legion in Argus. He was probably defending Azeroth from the thousands of ships that were still going there, however.

The next developments of the lore were revealed to be a new faction war. It was also revealed that we are going to fight Queen Azshara in the next expansion, and that we're going to explore a titan facility where the Titans were experimenting with Old Gods and their magics.

So it's pretty much confirmed (as if anyone doubted that) that world-ending threats may return within the next expansion cycle, probably laying the ground for the expansion after BFA.

Does anyone else have this kind of weird feeling that Odyn is just going to be thrown to the trash can, just like Wrathion? A big, powerful character, who could now be unleashed to protect Azeroth from the armies of the Old Gods alongside his fellow Keepers?

It just feels bad that they're probably going to do that again, since in interviews it was said that the class storylines aren't going to be continued (so they can give focus to the faction war) and you can't really fit Odyn and his stormforged Valarjar anywhere in BFA.

I honestly believe we shouldn't have any more of this kind of situation -- i.e. a very powerful entity who must be saved from peril because it would be the most helpful asset to our cause, and then nobody ever remembers about the character because it a.) wouldn't fit the setting anymore or b.) it would be just too powerful and would solve problems on a whim. Malfurion is another example.

Illidan was almost an example of that in Legion, and Blizzard needed an entire expansion dedicated to him so he wouldn't be wasted. Makes me think that the "jailor" job is going to be a cookie-cutter way to deal with this kind of storytelling design problem, on Blizzard's end.


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