[Nonsense Speculation] Illgynoth is actually about Arakkoa


This post is 99% percent sarcasm and 1% farfetched, so bear with me: While reading through Arakkoa lore, which fills the crater of my heart, i found that some of Illgynoths quotes can reffer to their culture and gods, all quotes that do not reffer to them are, of course, left out for convenience:

To explain i want to preset some lore facts: -All things I mention are from our timeline

-The Arakkoa culture came into being from 3 gods: Anzu, Rukhmar and Seethe. Respectively gods of Dread Ravens, Kaliri and Wind Serpents. They are in some way related to the Light, the Arcane and the Void.

-Seethes blood corrupted the Arakkoa making them what they are.

-The Arakkoa in Outland at some point get corrupted by an unknown Old God they try to summon in Shadowmoon Valley. I consider the model of it, that matches C'thun, to be used out of laziness or to help the player identify it as being similar to C'thun.

"To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars." -In Outland exists a constellation of stars that holds incredible power: The Scepter, The Seer and The Tome. Khadgar states that nearly any spell would work when these align in the events of "Beyond the Dark Portal". So what if "drowning" is less literal and more the act of diving deep into the research of the "circle" or rather constellation of stars, making it possible to summon the unnamed old god. The Sundering of Draenor could be used as a plotpoint to increase the frequency of that alignment, since it "surfs on the twisting nether"

"The lord of ravens will turn the key."

-Khadgar, Odyn, Medivh, are all names that come to mind when "The lord of ravens" is mentioned. BUT Anzu, depicted as a male entity, is the literal lord of the dread ravens AND is corrupted by the Void in a way. So there might be a way this reffers to a mad Anzu or an Arakkoa that communes with him via the "Eye of Anzu".

"Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." -Rukhmar is refferred to as a female entity. Anzu was in love with Rukhmar and when he devoured Seethe he became corrupted and hideous and hid away in the void to escape Rukhmars sight. Rukhmar was struck deeply by Anzu's dissapearence, leaving a 'crater' in her heart resulting in her to reform some kaliri to become the first Arakkoa. In the end the Arakkoa, that filled the crater of Rukhmars heart, were filled by the Old gods influence, so now the crater is filled by Old god minions.

"Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path." -In "Beyond the Dark Portal", it takes 3 artifacts correlating to 3 star signs to cast a powerful spell. What if to summon a being as powerful as an old god takes 5 artifacts correlating to 5 star signs? Star signs are, since they are shining, closer to a figurative torch.

"At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming." Again refferring to Rukhmar. Rukhmar died twice in our timeline. Once because her life span was shortened by the creation of the Arakkoa and once some time after she was ressurrected by the Arakkoa. So if she was ever to be ressurrected again, the old gods might trick her into a bargain, promising her to see Anzu again.

"From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength." Thrall and Neltharion come to mind here. BUT Old gods are known to mislead: What if it referrs to the pools of blood left by Seethe , that corrupts the Arakkoa, BECAUSE it was connected to Draenors soil. (Farfetched and illogical AF)

"Its surface blazes bright, masking shadows below." Referrs to the Anhari of Arakkoa culture, a society that worshipped the light, but hid the truth about Terokk from anyone. Basically a Society that is based on lies and deceit.

I hope you enjoyed the shitshow, this is it for me. Theramore was an inside job, Jaina is a Dreadlord.

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