[Question] Someone just gave me 30k gold

I was fooling around in Stormheim and some dude said he needed a portal asap. So I go there, open the portal and he opens trade. Next thing I know he is pressing "accept" with 30K gold. I jumped to accept at first of course. But then it hit me. Im scared that this is stolen gold or something because I think thats alot of gold (for me at least). Should I send a ticket to blizzard?

Edit: I see we are in the same guild with this guy. This is getting weird

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Visual Boss Guide's - Nythendra

[Question] Someone just gave me 30k goldHey /r/wow , It's been awhile! You may remember me as /u/killustration from back in WoD with my surprisingly popular visual boss guides. With Legion out and our first raid dropping, I wanted to share my latest visual boss guide with you for Nythendra! You can find it here: http://imgur.com/kxO4AhQ [This link will be updated as changes are applied] If you have any tips, tweaks, suggestions or in-game money to share - feel free! Any feedback is always welcome. Good luck tonight! submitted by /u/someguyinadvertising [link] [comments]...