[Spoiler] The REAL lore of BfA (that Blizzard doesn't want you to know)

Now this could be the sleep deprivation talking, but I feel like I've finally figured out why the current story of WoW just hasn't seemed right recently.

Because none if it is real.

That is - nothing after we enter the Emerald Nightmare is real. Let me explain (and bear with me, this will be long).

As we all know, this expansion has been heavily themed around fighting the legion. It is of course also well known that the legion has tried to attack Azeroth several times before and indeed multiple attempts have been made to bring Sargeras onto Azeroth, none of which have succeeded. Indeed, with how easily we've seemed to be able to thwart Sargeras (potentially the most powerful being in the universe) in the past, his might and knowledge seem underwhelming to say the least.

The beginning of this expansion had an assault that felt far more serious than previous times, with both the horde and alliance losing their faction leaders - yet there was still no sign of Sargeras, despite this being an "all out assault".

"Where are you going with this?", you might ask. There is a distinct reason why this invasion was so much more serious than the others - in the leveling zones of legion, we face many dire threats, from Skovald GOD KING SKOVALD to that geriatric echidna that stuns people for 30 seconds every time you threaten to take his hammer. One stands far above the rest though - Xavius. Or should I say; the true leader of the burning legion.

"Are you retarded? We steamrolled Xavius." I hear you say with one eyebrow raised. Yes, that's what Xavius wants us to believe. Let us examine the narrative:


Xavius walks in and with one feel swoop makes an entire zone his bitch. Nowhere have we seen any lord or commander of the burning legion bring about such wanton carnage and destruction with an entire army, let alone on his own. He goes on to slap Malfurions shit as if it's childs play, and then just for the lols he decides to pull a chicken nugget out of his ass and toss it towards Ysera to see if she'd actually eat it. Not only does she do so, but she finds these Xavi-ass nuggets so irresistible that she turns on her own allies in the hopes of receiving another. This is the sort of manipulative power that Kil'jaeden has wet dreams about, yet we're supposed to believe it's held by some lowly satyr? The biggest thing to take away though is that through all this Xavius doesn't kill Malfurion when he easily could. He uses him to bait us

But why does he need to bait us? Are we immune to the temptation of these Godly nuggets? Potentially, but the real reason is that Xavius needs to sell us the lie.

*The dungeon and raid Xavius lets us believe we've made progress by rescuing Malfurion in Darkheart Thicket, but we know that we've only defeated Xavius' shadow and must now venture into the Emerald Nightmare. We go through a rigorous process of defeating the corrupted nightmare before finally facing the real Xavius in order to cleanse the dream, where we save the day like always! Hooray!

But wait a second - prior to this we defeated the shadow of Xavius, which had single handedly destroyed all of Valsharah, mind controlled a dragon aspect and beaten the crap out of one of the strongest druids the world has ever known. Yet Malfurion claims that THIS shadow had no power in the real world, only in the nightmare. How could this be? And if that's not enough, the shadow of Xavius is clearly a 3 dimensional being - Meaning that the real Xavius is not only MUCH more powerful, but he is a 4 dimensional being since he casts a 3d shadow.

Mind blown, right? "But what about the rest of the expansion? How can this fit into any of that?", I hear you asking. Good question. The only feasible explanation I can come up with as to why Xavius baited us into the nightmare and then pretended to let us win was to actually trap us there, where he can now use us as batteries for the Legion, "The Matrix" style, so everything else we see now in the expansion is simply a nice dream - and if you think about it, there are sufficient "glitches in the matrix" to explain it.

Glitch #1: Gul'dan is here again from some alternate timeline/universe/whatever, despite the fact that Illidan (who died but not really and is bad but really good) has already absorbed his skull (which you have as an item in your bank) and you can't ask Yrel for help from this timeline for whatever reason.

Glitch #2: Everyone suddenly discovers that they have spaceships and laser beams that they couldn't use before, essentially turning a traditional d&d style mmo into Star Wars™ lite.

Glitch #3: The antorus storyline makes no Goddamn sense. Everything from the Pantheon, to Elunaria, to the visual bug where all melee classes appear as Affliction Warlocks on Coven of Shivarra, to Sargeras (who'd never even been near Azeroth before) roleplaying as a cloud during foreplay with his new, thicc planetary love.

Why did that need to happen? Well if we're to be at peace and resting so that Xavius can harvest our organs properly, we have to believe that the main threat has been dealt with (in this case, Sargeras). However I believe that with the available evidence, Khadgar is going to go to Kharazan so that he can talk to Medivh (Morpheus) and unplug himself from the matrix so he can reveal the illusion of Xavius' half-assed storytelling to our characters, and then the REAL battle for Azeroth (against Xavius and his droids) can begin.

I look forward to seeing all of you back on the REAL Azeroth! :)

TLDR: Xavius is basically a God that's just using us as living batteries, in a style not unlike that of the movie "The Matrix". The rest of the expansion thus far has simply been a shitty simulation he's given to us in order to keep us dreaming and the battle for Azeroth expansion will be the player characters fighting to regain control over the real world against Xavius and his droid-army.

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