10-60 Level Scaling Should Have Been 10-80

While leveling through Outland for the millionth time, it occurred to me that 10-80 scaling of the old world would have made for a much better leveling experience than suddenly going off to Outland and Northrend at 60 and leaving the story hanging. It would have let us skip Outlands and Northrend (if we so chose) and provided a far more complete story for new and returning players.

We could have simply traipsed across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, completing Cata-era quests before moving on to the actual Cata zones at 80, then Pandaria, WoD and Legion in a logical progression of time and plot.

Sure, there are some great zones and quests in BC and Wrath but overall they're extremely dated places to play in. Quests are spread out like crazy, the story makes no sense since you've suddenly gone from worrying about Deathwing and the Cataclysm to fighting the forces of Illidan and the Lich King.

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