110 levels feels like a lot of levels now

I have every class at 110 and decided to level an allied race thinking it wouldn't take too long. I've probably been spoiled by the old scaling but now you definitely feel each level for better or worse.

One thing that I've noticed is that rewards for leveling are very underwhelming. Talents are very far apart and if you're used to playing that class at 110 with artifact traits it feels like you're playing a shell of the class.

Another issue is with armor scaling. You can go 30+ levels without seeing an item with more stats than what you have. Sometimes you'll find something with 1 more crit but have 2 less haste and be 20 ilvls higher. The budgeting is messed up. This small difference in stats is basically negligible but you'll have to live with it for a while because the ramp in stats isn't very steep.

In vanilla I remember the phrase "concentrated coolness" used to describe the leveling process. You got something new every other level and even if it wasn't useful it was still neat to test it out for the first time. Now it feels like the coolness has been diluted. Not sure how they can solve this if the level cap keeps rising but with the upcoming squish I'm worried that it will only get worse.

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110 levels feels like a lot of levels nowHello, for the people that don’t know me, I’m Deepshades, a Warlock in Method that’s played for several years in the high end PvE scene with the Kil’jaeden World 1st kill as my biggest accomplishment. Throughout the expansion I’v done a lot of high Mythic+ Keys. (World 1st 21 with Lazel, Mandrai, Fragnance, Gingi & Baeshades) I say this so that people have a overview of my knowledge/skill in the game. Please be mindful that everything I am writing is my own personal opinion. Firstly I’d like to thank Blizzard for finally giving PvE a showcase like they did with PvP for many years. I think the first two weekends were already a blast for many peop...