7.3.5 Re-Ignited My Love for WoW

Probably seen a million posts about this but with none of my RL friends playing WoW anymore I just wanted to share my thoughts with some like minded people.

Basically I'm someone with over 200 days played since WotLK and played quite heavily at expansion launches... But as the expansions go on I always find my interest in the game wanes.

With Allied Races coming out I decided to give the 7.3.5 scaling a try and it's been absolutely incredible. I've been able to fully play through zones I had never previously experienced in their full glory. Dungeons feel like more of a crawl again and less of a turbo everything in 5 minutes. Having to take your time in zones has gotten me to fully appreciate the music + ambience of each zone - especially in Kalimdor.

While the pruning has made the actual gameplay somewhat tedious (playing a priest and smiting things for 90 levels is a bit zzzzz) but otherwise it's been a real joy. It's put me back in that mainframe where I'm just enjoying the game for the JOURNEY (like omg where is this zone taking me next?) And not so focused in on item level or progress or how fast and "efficient" I'm being with my levelling.

I hope many others are enjoying this like I am. I've even had far more social interaction just crawling about the world (waiting for respawns, chatting in dungeons) than I have in a long long time.

Well done Blizz. You have my sub for the forseeable future!

(My one nitpick is... going from 20-110 does feel like a very daunting task with how slow you move through zones. Example I had done Northern Barrens, Winterspring, Thousand Needles, Tanaris, Ungoro and Silithus to their completion and been level 52... which does feel very slow. I personally don't mind it as I'm not racing to 110 but I can 100% understand the criticism.)

EDIT: Just wanted to add that for most of my play experience since Cata launch I've taken my max level toon through the expansion zones then gone fully into endgame. I just personally found after a while the whole do dungeons over and over + raiding gets a bit dull. That's not to say the content isn't good.

Levelling an Allied Race is the first time I've actually started a character fresh and gone through zones and it's just made me appreciate the world and journey more-so than my endgame focused mindset.

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Blizzard, we NEED a Lil'Jaeden non-combat pet.

7.3.5 Re-Ignited My Love for WoWYou did it with THE ARCHLICH OF NAXXRAMAS, ESTEEMED LICH LORD OF THE PLAGUELANDS, COMMANDER OF THE DREAD NECROPOLIS, MASTER AND FOUNDER OF THE CULT OF THE DAMNED, FORMERLY OF THE COUNCIL OF THE SIX, CREATOR OF THE ABOMINATION, CORRUPTER OF THE SUNWELL, SUMMONER OF ARCHIMONDE THE DEFILER, BETRAYER OF HUMANITY, HEARTHSTONE ENTHUSIAST, AND MAJORDOMO TO THE LICH KING HIMSELF, KEL'THUZAD. Now all we need is everyone's favorite Deceiver to receiver a cuteness overhaul. Just imagine him flapping around with his tiny demon wings. Come on Blizzard. It's 2017. submitted by /u/Verrow [link] [comments]...