A cool thing in the PTR nobody is mentioning

They added "story progress" on the map for all zones! Not just legion anymore!

Now not only I can I go back and play through zones I outleveled for a reasonable amount of XP due to level scaling, but now I can make sure im not missing anything!


edit: Sorry if this is a clickbait title, I realise that now. Honestly though for the past week i've just been googling "warcraft story progression 7.3.5" and nothing ever comes up, even on reddit. I never thought to search "loremaster", and now I have and see its been mentioned a few times.

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Emerald Nightmare Run [Horde] 8pm EST 10/21 - Beginners Welcome!

A cool thing in the PTR nobody is mentioningHello all! It's your friendly, neighborhood Prot Warrior Toombz here. I'm looking to do a fresh clear of EN tonight at 8pm EST. I will likely start forming the raid around 7:30pm EST. I'm happy to bring along some fun, casual players who might not otherwise do the raid outside of LFR. If you've never been in there, that's fine too, just be reasonably geared and be ready to listen and have a good time. If you want to come, you can just reply here or message me in game at JJO#1466. I hope to see you in the World of Warcraft! :) Also: I will be using Discord for voice comms. If you're too shy to talk, no problem, you just have to listen. (Quick Edit) I am usually on s...