a Warcraft netflix series would be potentially awesome. What do you think?

The one reason why Warcraft's movie didn't do too well was because of the plot that was attempted to be made simple but came out with too many unexplained plot points. this is because Warcraft lore is too vast to be shoved into a 1hr 40 min movie.

But a TV series would be the most efficient way of telling Warcraft's lore in a way that would make a lot more sense to the non-fan audience and also appeal to the fanbase.

The series could be closely canonical, direct continuation of the movie or a timeskip after those events if Duncan Jones and LegendaryPictures are down for it. (Warcraft 2 & 3 being told in a tv series rather than a movie sequel)

Considering they can take all the time to explain the lore, it can draw out into multiple seasons and character arcs. (Varian, Thrall, Arthas, etc) The possibilities are literally endless depending on where they want to end the series.

Though the CGI production cost for the orcs and stuff could be very costly. So it would be wise to start the first season with minimal CGI,(if it starts from Warcraft2, then the only ones that'd need CGI would be Thrall and Orgrim, Stormwind, etc) that way, if the season receives good publicity, they can then gradually step up the CGI and go crazy.

I feel like if they played their cards right, a Warcraft TV series could be very successful.

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We're going to see a hundred thousand posts from people who want Classic WoW, but want something changed. That's not Classic WoW.

a Warcraft netflix series would be potentially awesome. What do you think?And I really don't want to have to explain a hundred thousand times that just because this thing is the thing that YOU want changed, that doesn't mean they should change it. If you want Classic WoW, you can play Classic WoW. If you don't want Classic WoW, you don't have to play Classic WoW. But the idea of some "Classic WoW Plus" where 11 million players pick something to add to the game that ISN'T Classic WoW, is absurd. Just play WoW. submitted by /u/avatarofshadow [link] [comments]...