After 52 attempts I finally killed Agatha as Feral with a 900 ilvl and I feel like I could just scream with relief!

I don't know what percentage of Ferals have completed this or what ilvl people are at when they do, but here's how I did it. Hopefully someone finds it helpful.

I'll start by saying that this fight is so heavily weighted against Feral compared to other classes that is disgusting. There is literally no room for mistakes at this item level. It also doesn't help that the fight itself is wildly inconsistent. Add spawns are random make-ups, and mechanics don't follow any timer. Fury can go off as much as 10 seconds after it's supposed to, causing Umbral adds and Fury to go off at the same time.

I never figured out what was causing mechanics to go off at such different timing but there were a dozen times I ran into Fury and adds occurring at the same time and about half of those instances I didn't have a CD available to burst down the adds quickly enough.

After about 35 attempts I realized I was getting much further if I managed the first two minutes differently by trying to drag out the first and second set of adds an extra five seconds so I could use Brutal Slash on them, the Fuming that typically spawns right after, and the healers that spawn right after as well. You take a bit more damage and get a little less damage on the boss in those 5 or so seconds but you can clean out all of the adds and have 100% DPS time on the boss for two ~20 second windows with no healers alive.

People have said repeatedly that the healers are low priority. Sure, don't single target them, but use your burst aoe to take them out as well. It allows you to push the next phase within two minutes. Once you do that, if you can dodge holders and manage your Brutal Slash for adds, you can tank the boss down quickly causing her to telephoto back and forth more quickly, meaning the healer adds spend more and more time running back and forth (with Rakes and Thrashs applied while you're passing them). Once they all catch up to the boss you end up with four of them usually. I just waited it out for the next adds spawn and popped Berserk and Thrashed/Brutal Slashed them all down using Bash and 5CP maims on Fuming so I could continue to spawn Thrash. All adds dead, another 20 seconds of boss time. This happened a couple times before I killed her. I actually died 1/2 of a second after she died. Still got credit though. :)

My talents were








I went with the heal over feral charge and displacer beast because every time I needed a mobility cooldown it was for something that would likely kill me later on anyway. The heal allowed me to recover from mistakes or even intentionally soak damage to deal with more troublesome combinations of mechanics.

Balance talent was crucial for aoe on the adds. Same with Brutal Slash. I don't know how anyone at ilvl 900 or lower is doing this fight without it.

Legs were gloves and wrists. Thrash damage can NOT be overrated. Trinkets were Draught and Convergence. Both great for clearing Fury and wiping up situations with 8 adds in a matter of a few seconds.

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