Alliance Vs. Horde in Legion

So, are the two factions currently at war with each other, or not? My understanding was that the Alliance and the Horde are in an uneasy truce (despite harsh feelings over the Broken Shore), while Greyman is acting without orders (attacking the Forsaken in Stormheim when his mission was to simply observe) and pursuing his personal vendetta.

So, in essence, the Forsaken and the Worgen are having their own personal war/feud (further evidenced by them being the only two factions competing for control of the PvP Towers) while the actual Factions are aiding (or at the least avoiding) each other. Is that correct?

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Alliance Vs. Horde in LegionThis is a very "me" problem but I thought I could turn it into a discussion. Basically, I'm returning to WoW after a long break. Before my break, I had transferred over to a PvP server to play with an IRL friend. He doesn't really play too much anymore and I am exhausted of being ganked while questing. I love battlegrounds, but this open world is just not my cup of tea. So I'd like to transfer to a PvE server. I am torn between moving to either Stormrage or Whisperwind (both realms majority being Alliance). Stormrage has one of the highest populations and could be very decent for finding a guild or a group that's perfect for me. I feel like, if I'm going to spen...

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