Another Cataclysm would do Azeroth good

I know people like to give the expansion crap. But honestly, imagine Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms without it today. They'd feel absolutely ancient and unplayable.

Well, that same "need" for a Cataclysm is beginning to arise again, especially as we now have World Scaling and at an increasing rate find ourselves questing in the old world even at endgame. Let's not even start to mention how confusing the time discrepancies are, with different NPCs being alive and well depending on your level and location.

Imagine if the next expansion was just a clean sweep of the old. New tree textures, new shrubs and flowers, enhanced shapes of mountains, lakes and rivers, better skydomes, etc. Naturally the story progression would also be cleaned up for good, perhaps by phasing the different expansions as you level up or simply by creating an entirely new questing experience for new characters, one which is designed more along the lines of modern quests and thus captivates new players more.

Given that WoW Classic is also on the way, it makes even more sense to do this. The old version of Azeroth will be accessible through that game anyhow. Might as well rejuvenate the current version.

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Do yourself a favour and unmute the in-game music

Another Cataclysm would do Azeroth goodI think we've all muted the music in WoW at some point to listen to our own music and then forgotten to unmute it again. I just unmuted the music and holy macaroni on a cheese stick. WoW has some of the most beautiful game soundtracks ever. It really adds to the atmosphere of the game -- don't let it dwindle away behind a mute button. This counts double for old-school players (the music will hit you right in the nostalgia, I swear). I wish you all some nice eargasms. submitted by /u/Altazaar [link] [comments]...