Any 40+ years old players? How much of a minority are we?

Hellows and Happy new year!
I am curious to know if 'older' players are still around, so that maybe I will feel less 'guilty' and 'out of place' in this virtual world :)
Obviously 18-25(ish) years old players are the majority, they have more free time, less stress and so on.
Anywho, if you are past your 'prime gaming window' drop a few lines.
Questions, criticism, sarcasm and irony are expected.
Again, Happy new 2018, and may you be the person you want to meet.
edit: I'm from somewhere in the EU.

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If 7.3.5 launches tomorrow (1/16) I will speedrun 1-60 killing boars in Elwynn Forest, AMA.

Any 40+ years old players? How much of a minority are we?Recently ended up single and jobless, watched GDQ this weekend, and this sub's constant injokes from Make Love not Warcraft have got me feeling some kind of way. OKAY BUT ALSO FOR THE EDIT - I NOW KNOW I CAN'T KILL BOARS -JUST- IN ELWYNN. Ijustwantfriends EDIT 2 - ianXplosion#1535 if you wanna be friends, or if you wanna participate in the BOARdom (heh), or bug me at all hours of the night JESUS CARL DON'T ACT LIKE EITHER OF US SHOULD BE AWAKE RIGHT NOW submitted by /u/ianxplosion [link] [comments]...