Anybody else thinks the 7th Legion should get some love in Battle for Azeroth?

They kept Naxxramas forces at bay in Wintergarde, battled Kor'kron in Icecrown Citadel, kicked Forsaken ass in Gilneas, suffered heavy casualties in Theramore and were present in the battle of Broken Shore (as well as in Stormheim fighting Sylvannas). So far, they've fought against Arthas, the Legion, the Horde and almost everything this game has thrown at them. And they're still out there.

If there's an army that should be kicking ass and taking names in BfA it's the 7th. I wish my druid could bear a title related to them, after all this time.

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Equipped ilvl vs. Bags ilvl

Anybody else thinks the 7th Legion should get some love in Battle for Azeroth?So I was on my second Titan Essence quest, when I got another leg drop. When I finished the quest, despite having two 940 legendaries equipped, upgrading the third one in the bag increased my bags ilvl by 2. Now, I'm in an interesting spot where my bags ilvl surpasses my equipped ilvl by 17 (872 vs 889), which is nice for me when applying to groups, but also makes me very suspicious of other people with high ilvl. With enough legendaries in my bags, I could reach a ridiculous ilvl while not even being able to equip half of them. Also, normally I run with relatively lower ilvl trinkets (<3 arcanocrystal), but I have 2 875 trinkets in the bags that inflate my ilvl as well, which are sim...