Anyone else really disappointed that we didn't get more Storm Drake mounts?

I was really excited when the Storm Drakes were originally datamined as they had some real Nether Drake vibes to them.

Really bummed when they didn't have any Storm Drakes with the expansion launch. Even more bummed when I saw that Gladiators were getting Storm Drakes left and right. And incredibly bummed that the only other source is the Valarjar rep cache.

Would've really loved it they made at least 1 somewhat easy or reliable to get. Kinda sad knowing that we prolly won't get any in BFA either and that RNG rep caches are still the only way to get a single color for the next 3 years :-\

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How did I collect an appereance I have never seen before?

Anyone else really disappointed that we didn't get more Storm Drake mounts?Hello, I am a starter edition pleb (buying the game 2 days later, after my finals hehe) I was just messing around in dungeons with my dwarf hunter, undead warlock and human paladin. After some time I went to the transmoger at Stormwind and was shocked to see some very cool items that I have never even seen before let alone collecting them in my inventory. Don't the appearances have to be soulbound to be discovered? Also I noticed that I have somehow unlocked 2 extra weapons of the order after doing The Hand Of The Light paladin Shadowfang keep quest. Specifically, I picked the mace of the order as my reward but both the Warhammer and the Gavel of the Order appereances where added to my ...