As someone who started WoW during Legion...

This leveling revamp is absolutely awesome.

For me; who didn't play the older expansions, I never really got the story of them. I never really got to experience them. Yet now; leveling alts and not being forced out of zones halfway due to passing them in level, I'm seeing things I never saw before; seeing the end of stories I never saw before.

For example; today I was leveling my Paladin in Northrend. I saw something I'd heard of a lot before; but never saw: The Wrathgate Cinematic. I always thought that was tied to a patch-event. Or a Raid. Not leveling content! It's also pretty fun making my own leveling route. For example; in Northrend I'm going Howling -> Dragonblight [Thanks to the Tuskkarr Turtle] -> Grizzly. I'll go to Zul next; and Storm Peaks if I'm not 78 by then. Maybe I'll hang around for 80. I don't even know if I'll go Cata or Pandaria next; both of which I've only done a zone and a half.

Even in Vanillia content it flowed very well to go from Redridge -> Steppes; with the stories linking up. Something you never actually did before.

It's a pretty simple thing. And people who played the older expansions obviously wouldn't feel the same way. But as someone who started in 7.1.5; this is all effectively new content for me. And for that; I must thank Blizzard for the level scaleing.

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Hearts of Azeroth - A Warcraft mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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