ATTENTION: EuroGroup is now EuroRaid. All EuroGroup members should switch Discord Servers accordingly.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Recruitment Thread to bring you this important announcement. Effective immediately, the EuroGroup Discord community should migrate over to EuroRaid. This is now the officially recognized community by /r/wow.

Some backstory for those who don't know: Two years ago, when the coveted Grove Warden was about to be gone forever, North America had a wonderful system in place with Friendship Moose to help carry less fortunate players, but Europe had nothing at the time. Without really thinking, I offered to help organize a raid or two so the European users here who kept asking had an option.

This immediately blew up in my face, and by the end we'd arranged for some 3000+ users to get their moose. "EuroMoose" quickly became EuroGroup, and a thriving WoW community built around new player-friendly raiding was born and has grown ever since.

Since then, /r/wow's involvement has been largely non-existent. EuroGroup was a sister community, but one that stood on its own. For a while /u/aphoenix "owned" the server before transferring it to one of the other Admins. And while I started the community, I only really just checked in rarely from time to time and said hi.

Unfortunately, the entire Admin team recently came to me and requested help. The current server owner had decided to take over total control and was making decisions every other Admin was opposed to. They were taking actions and behaving in a way the other Admins and Mods found untenable. I have spent much of this week trying to talk to them, but was unable to reach a resolution. The Admins and Mods then went forward with their plan to start a new server.

This is relevant to us, and being posted here, because /r/wow experienced a similar problem when Nitesmoke held the subreddit hostage years ago. On principle, we will not support a single user trying to take over complete control of a community, and will support the majority. EuroGroup originally was built from /r/wow, and we will do what we can to make sure the new community is a successful replacement.

So for those of you already in EuroGroup, I suggest you switch over to EuroRaid. All the Admins, Mods, and most of the Raid Leaders are already there waiting for you. We've implemented some new rules and policies that should make it an even better community. For those of you based on European servers who have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest you check it out! There are a bunch of wonderful people over there who love raiding, and they'll also be doing a EuroWing event for the Spellwing this year too, so keep an eye out for that announcement later this year!

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Elemental Shaman DPS help

ATTENTION: EuroGroup is now EuroRaid. All EuroGroup members should switch Discord Servers accordingly.I'm having an issue with my dps. My item level is 875 (not great) and according to Details, I average 200k dps. This seems low compared to a lot of people on the charts. I am trying to play catch up this expansion so my artifact tree isn't filled out yet which will account for some damage. An answer I have not been able to find is why should shamans only cast lava burst when the instant cast procs or when 2 charges. Why not cast when available? Seems like this should take priority of a lightning bolt cast but according to icy veins you should cast lightning bolt over lava burst if lava burst only has 1 charge. I seem to manage my cooldowns effectively and have my trinkets macroed on ...