Battle for Azeroth is the perfect opportunity to bring the Night Elves back to their Warcraft III roots and add some brutality to the Alliance(Long but worth it).

I know this is long but I put some effort into it so I appreciate those that read it!

I'm admittedly piggybacking off of sentiments I've seen on previous threads discussing Night Elves and they way they've been neutered in World of Warcraft, but I think a full, in-detail thread would be a good place for a discussion.

First, let's talk about what the Warcraft III Night Elves were:

They were xenophobic. This was one of the defining traits of Night Elves when they were introduced. They did not like other races, quite frankly felt they were above other races, and though they weren't genocidal or evil or anything, they did not like humans or orcs intruding in their space.

They were strict defenders of the forest and utilized the trees in their warfare. You could argue that Blizzard kept this trait in WoW, as we know their attachment to the forest is one of the defining parts of their race, but they were much more savage than given credit for. Don't think of Night Elves as "We will defend this forest and promote peace!" Think of them as, "If you try to take down this forest, we will jump down from the trees and fuck you up".

Night Elf Druids were not really a peaceful, happy group. They were savage guardians that sometimes let the beast side take over. They should have been brutal*.

The best way to show what the Night Elves were is to watch this short clip of Tyrande in Warcraft 3. Pay attention to this moment at 1:20.


So these orcs and humans presume to run rampant through our lands? They will regret ever stepping foot into Ashenvale. We will establish a base and deal with these outlanders as they deserve.

Just look at the harsh language Tyrande uses there. I know a lot of people hate Tyrande in the new expansion, and I'm still kind of annoyed at her, but I like that they're at least trying to go back to the cold-hearted personality. The best way change they could make to Tyrande however is to give her more screen time where the focus is more about her people and the Night Elf lands rather than her beloved Malfurion. Tyrande is at her best when she's not being a love interest in my opinion.

What the Night Elves became

When World of Warcraft came out, the Night Elves were neutered to a ridiculous extent. Rather than keep the defining characteristics of their people and build on them, Blizzard morphed them into some weird mix of Humans and Tauren. They became all about peace and balance and harmony, which was a direct contrast to what they were. Yes, Night Elves and Tauren have a history together(according to post-warcraft 3 lore), but that doesn't mean they have to be ideologically equal in terms of peace.

NOW, I understand that Blizzard had to make some changes because of the nature of an MMO vs. an RTS series. I understand that you could make the argument that fighting along side the humans against the Burning Legion in Warcraft 3 might make the Night Elves more open to changing their ways a bit. I understand that there were plenty of retcons and added lore that would somewhat justify the change in Night Elf personalities from Warcraft III. However, it makes the story less interesting.

What should have happened:

Realistically, when World of Warcraft came out, the Night Elves should have become to the Alliance what the Forsaken were to the Horde initially. They should have been a part of them as an Alliance of convenience. "We don't necessarily agree with you ideologically, but the Orcs are infringing on our land and since they're a common enemy, we'll work with you." Then you could keep the Night Elves as xenophobic savages and add a bit of complexity and morality issues to the Alliance. Wouldn't be interesting to see Night Elves go on the offensive and slaughter an orc village on the border of Ashenvale and Barrens? The Alliance would come out and say that's not the way they fight, but the Elves would say too bad. Could've made for some interesting in-fighting within the faction.

Instead, the Night Elves were white washed, humanized, and became purple hippies who love peace and the forest and nature. However, I believe Battle for Azeroth is the perfect chance to bring them back to their roots. The burning of Teldrassil should make Tyrande go nuts. I'd like to see her directly oppose Anduin and voice something to the extent of: "We have sat back and tried to fight the Horde peacefully for too long, it's time we enact vengeance." She'll want to do something brutal, Anduin will disagree. Then he goes off to conquer Lordareon, while he's away, Tyrande leads her campaign through Ashenvale, through the barrens, through Durotar, on an orc killing mission. Something to that effect would be cool and really complicate the story while bringing the Night Elves back to their roots.


TLDR: Night Elves went from xenophobic savages in WCIII to human tauren hippies in WoW. They should have been the Forsaken of the Alliance and only worked with them out of convenience. Should've added a darker side to the Alliance in terms of "dishonorable warfare". Battle for Azeroth is the perfect chance for them to get mad at both the direction of the Alliance and the attacks of the Horde, and they should go on a vengeance run.

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