Battle.Net App Update - Battle for Azeroth Changes

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Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition Mounts and Pets Unlocked
The Battle for Azeroth Collector's edition mounts and pets are now listed in game!

Battle.Net App Update - Battle for Azeroth Changes
The launcher just updated to have backgrounds, logos, and strings related to Battle for Azeroth!

I'm having a hard time to level

Battle.Net App Update - Battle for Azeroth ChangesI'm just gonna say it, the 1-110 leveling is just boring. Yes, i have played with and without heirlooms, I've tried to do the loremaster, i have tried new race and class combos, i put on music in the background, i watch twitch and videos while leveling, butit still doesnt make leveling fun or more enjoyable for me. All i'm thinking when i level is, ''cant wait to get to 110..''. I usually log out after doing 2-3 dungeons or a few quests and log back on my main, wishing i had my character at lvl 110 already. Now the main reason i think this, is because i've already done the ''old content'' many many times to the point where i just want to skip i...