Blizzard, bosses should drop loot.

I don't care if it's 1 person or 5, but if a boss is killed it should drop loot.

Applying the personal loot to dungeons breaks a fundamental part of the game which is bosses should drop loot.

Bosses not dropping loot breaks enchanting for lower level characters. No blues, no shards. No skill ups.

Also, bosses/trash should drop loot when soloing old raids like Dragon Soul LFR which can take LITERAL YEARS of runs to complete the LFR color version of the raid sets. Bosses should drop a reasonable amount of loot even if its a person soloing it. Getting no loot off a boss in normal hellfire citadel is a wrong gameplay experience.

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Dear Blizzard, please remember that "Horde vs. Alliance" doesn't always have to mean "Orcs vs. Humans"

Blizzard, bosses should drop loot.The thing is, it's never "Horde vs. Alliance". It's always "Orcs vs. Humans", because those are the only themes we ever see. I know people always focus on "but it's the World of Warcraft, what do you expect?", but I would counter by saying "exactly; I signed up for the World of Warcraft". There was always something awesome about going to these locations, many of which you felt had been there for hundreds of years, or at least generations, where a culture existed. You had Human and Orc cultures, yes, but also Dwarven and Elven -- two different kinds at that -- not to mention precious little Tauren culture. Now, I think it's awesome that ...