Blizzard, can you please reconsider the transmog restrictions?

There are rules that are vexatious and kind of put a barrier BEHIND barrier and others are moronic.

I will post some examples and add some stuff I would like to see in BfA.

  • Most xmog items are behind a rep requirement (not even account wide...) We are the year 2018 of our Lord Thrall and we have almost advanced to the BfA era. I think you should reward atleast loyal players who logged on in the respective expansion sets by removing rep req and give them access to the sweet xmogs items you guys created.

  • There are sets that are incomplete, but you guys use the missing pieces in game...

  • some weird choices like the frostwolf set in WoD only accessible to out of place classes...

  • Maybe revamp the holiday xmogs so we can use it outside the holidays. Give currency rewards that allows you to mog holiday items. the currency can only be obtained via the holiday events itself... make something up and give us an option to rock the witch or brewfest hats

  • Give us more set rewards like ToV, Challenge modes, order hall, etc.. we want diversity and less class restriction. Maybe I want to fight the Old Gods in a wedding dress as a male orc shaman? Do not take away my dream!!?!!

  • If you think xmogging ruins the overall atmosphere (huehue), make a toggle in the settings like the old/new character

  • and now that we are having heritage armor, please consider one for all races. make it in a patch during BfA or so

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The way we get rank 3 recipes for flasks in alchemy is broken. I've crafted over 700 intellect flasks now and still have no rank 3.

Blizzard, can you please reconsider the transmog restrictions?My alchemist has burnt through 500k in gold buying mats for crafting flasks. I used to farm herbs but it became so soul destroying crafting flask after flask with no rank 3 in sight after hours of farming so I thought I'd just try to get it over and done with. The RNG is ridiculous! I've got friends who got rank 3 in a couple of flask types on alts within two weeks of hitting 110. They farm up some herbs for raid flasks for half an hour and then proc multiple flasks that'll do them for a couple of weeks or net them a tasty profit. submitted by /u/Spanky2k [link] [comments]...