Blizzard, please let the Dark Iron Dwarf charge emote be "Everyone! Get in here!"

It just seems to be a good place to put a reference to an old Hearthstone meme. (the recent Overwatch holiday also gives this line to their "dwarf" character, Torbjorn)

For reference, Hearthstone has a card called Grim Patron (a dark iron dwarf) that says "Everyone! Get in here!" upon being played. When damaged, it'd summon another Grim Patron, and then another... and another... and another, and they'd all say this line when summoned.

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Blizzard Update

Blizzard, please let the Dark Iron Dwarf charge emote be Blizzard UpdateBlizzard has changed up their branding once again! Originally Posted by Blizzard(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)When we announced that we’d be transitioning away from the name for our online-gaming service, we suspected that the shift would be challenging. We understood that stood for something special—it represents years of shared history and enjoyment, community and friendship, for all of us and our is the central nervous system for Blizzard games and the connective tissue that has brought Blizzard players together since 1996. The technology was never going away, but after giving the branding change further c...