Blizzcon in less than two weeks! Let's create expansion names!

I thought it would be nice to have a little fun and play a community game while we wait for 8.0 to be announced (hopefully) on the 3rd. :)

The rules:

  1. One person posts "World of Warcraft:" and the first word of the title. (Ex. "The" "A" "Corgis" etc.)

  2. Another person adds the next word as a reply. (Ex. "Burning" "Dreadlord" "Unleashed" etc.)

  3. A third person replies with the next/final word to the second person and so on.

  4. Each expansion title can be no longer than 4 words long.

  5. Please be appropriate and follow all the subreddit's rules. (Don't be vulgar, etc)

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Brewfest Advice, hopefully helpful to a few folks

Blizzcon in less than two weeks! Let's create expansion names!So since I didn't see any major posts on this, I figured I'd try writing up a short list of advice for maximizing your gains this Brewfest. First up, no item exceeds 200 tokens. To maximize your gain, you'll want to do Pink Elekks on Parade(40 tokens, plus xp if below 110) as well as killing Coren Direbrew at least once(the first kill awards a keg that starts a quest. Two will always drop, but you can only loot one. Gives 40 tokens and only requires you go to the entrance of your faction's Brewfest grounds). You can do everything in the event starting at level 46, or everything-minus-Coren below that. The Coren fight can drop trinkets directly from him, but only has a chance ...