Broken Allied Race - Fan design


A slow Sunday afternoon had me to wondering if it was possible to re-use the Worgen rig for Broken, so as to not overuse the Draenei's (which the new models in Legion do), and frankly because I liked Voidscarred Krokuls' moving on all four, so I ended up drawing it.

In the process, I changed a few aspects of their design (for better or worse?), as well as taking a shot at designing a female Broken, to use the female Worgen's rig, but the stance difference is pretty ridiculous.

EDIT: It occurs to me that hypothetically, Blizzard could just give the male unique idle animations, as has been done with other Allied Races, to reduce the exaggerated hunch.

It was only an hour or two's worth of drawing, but let me know what you think!

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A message from a friendly neighborhood Mage

Broken Allied Race - Fan designThis happens to me almost everyday on my mage. If you are fighting a WQ mob, are LOW on health, and a nearby enemy mage sheeps you... they are really only trying to save you from death/give you a full combat heal. About half the time I do this (usually to save melee that are getting cleaved into oblivion) the person emerges from the sheep and turns on me assuming I'm trying to fight them. If I was actually feeling hostile and wanting a fight the last thing I would do is polymorph you and watch your health shoot up. I understand not all mages are friendly ones, but I promise you those guys will NEVER open up on you with poly unless you're already at 100%. submitted by /u...