Can someone help me with a specific sound file?

Is it possible to find the filename of a specific sound inside WoW if you know the sound's ID? I am trying to find the file(s) for the new Riptide sound(s). According to WoWhead's sound database it's:

But after digging in CASC view for hours I could not find a file named spell_sh_revamp_riptide_impact anywhere. I also looked through the other Shaman spells, but nothing there either. However, the ID provided by WoWhead for the sound (90162) is correct. If you type /script PlaySound(90162) in game it will play one of the sound variations for the spell. I found a few documentations which show filenames of sounds by ID, but 90162 was not among them.

Any idea where can I find a complete list of all sound IDs with their corresponding filenames or at least a good way to find this specific sound? If a sound exists in game, then it's supposed to be discoverable through CASCView.

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