Can't we all agree 7.3.5 was the best thing for powerleveling alts with a 2nd account?

Honestly, with no sarcasm, I really enjoy being able to run just 4 dungeons all the way to 90. Travel time is horrible and 7.3.5 solved most of those issues.

Allied races make this even better starting out at 20. I've already leveled two void elves and a lightforged to 110. I just want to give a little insight on the route I've been taking to 110.

20-58 Stockades 58-82 Hellfire Ramparts 82-85 Stonecore (This felt like the most tedious) 85-90 Grim Batol 90-100 Draenor Bonus Objectives and Treasures 100-110 Invasions and Questing Zones starting with Azsuna or Stormheim.

This was done with just the heirloom gear(no rings cuz I'm a nab) and I've managed to level each of the classes in less than 24 hours /played and the quickest being at 19.5.

Feedback on possibly faster routes is appreciated!

Happy hunting!

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ambient sound in town hubs (dalaran etc.)

Can't we all agree 7.3.5 was the best thing for powerleveling alts with a 2nd account?yesterday evening i was really tired. i tried to play some wow but i really struggled. so i ported to dalaran and put my head on the desk to rest a bit. i noticed something weird though. dalaran is a populated city, right? there are merchants, wandering npc's, guards etc. but all you hear is the wind and some crickets (at night). everyone in this town is just silent. i didn't check the other towns because, again, i was really tired and exited the game shortly after. but i assume this applies to all towns. isn't it weird? towns should create the illusion that they're populated and alive. stuff's happening there but all you hear is wind and a terrible silence. have you not...