Cata replaced the daily Heroic dungeon reward with a "7 rewards per week" reward system. What happened to that?

In patch 4.3, Blizzard replaced the daily reward system to one that would give you 7 rewards in a week. This meant that you'd get the same amount of rewards per week, but if you had a full day of free time to play followed by a week of work, you could still earn a lot of the weekly rewards. It was more flexible. What ever happened to that system? It's currently back at the 1 reward per day, why was the 7 rewards per week system removed?

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Stuck at 865 ilvl

Cata replaced the daily Heroic dungeon reward with a I was late to this expansion, WoD did me some damage. I'm maining an Ass Rogue which I've played since TBC. The problem I have now is I'm struggling to get more ilvl. Ive missed all the progression through earlier raids and now everyone is Mythic fit so getting a spot in a Pug or even a raiding guild is impossible. I am farming M+ but only when I have a key, if I dont have they key, who wants to risk taking a 865 rogue to a +7/9 (which I have been running as mumma ain't raise no bitch) Any have any good suggestions to getting a higher ilvl? I have the legendary bracers so that is boosting me a bit. submitted by /u/sometypeofnerd [link] [comments]...