Chairs are somewhat forgotten again in Legion

As a roleplayer, one aspect I've always enjoyed is hanging out in the various taverns in the world of Azeroth, sitting down in the chairs and just hanging out and wasting gold on alcohol.

Though since Cataclysm, there's been a trend where they'll place the chair props into the world, but they won't work. They don't possess a right click function that makes your character sit in the chair. Warlords of Draenor was the worst for this. You could build a multi-level tavern in your Horde garrison, and it was filled with about a dozen chairs and not a single one worked. But the War Mill had a single working chair in a random corner.

Dalaran has lots of working chairs, but I believe they may be copy and pasted from the Northrend version, and I hear that most of the chairs in the Horde inn make you face random directions as if they slapped them into the world without a second thought. The class halls are also a victim to this.

The hunter class hall has a bar and some tables with chairs, and not a single one works. On the other hand, the rogue hall has working chairs, but every chair except for one in their bar area is occupied by NPCs. Is it too selfish to ask them to take a look at this little problem and fix it? It's nothing game breaking, but it would make a very small group of people very happy :)

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The Math of Envy

Chairs are somewhat forgotten again in LegionWith Legendaries in Legion, the topic of envy has flared up once again. A topic that I might shed some objectivity on since it is so prevalent in WoW (and similar games) and I prefer cold, hard numbers over gut-feelings and anecdotal evidence. Whether it is a mount, a certain piece of gear, your hidden artifact appearance, or something else entirely that is gated behind a low probability, there is a simple truth that applies to all of these situations: You are vastly more likely to see someone else with the object of your desire than you are to acquire it yourself. Of course, everyone believes themselves to be the exception. Someone has to be the first in the guild/your circle of friends to...