Character not found bug... again

So when I tried to log in after maintenance, I didn't get the usual list of characters on the last server I played on. Instead, I got the list of servers. Odd, I thought. So I manually navigated to my server and found my characters. I selected one and when I tried to log in, got the 'Character not found' bug.

I tried a different server. I tried creating a new character on a different server that I did not have a pre-existing toon on. This is getting old ._.

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Raidbots - Now with gear set comparisons and faster results

Character not found bug... againHello again WoW friends! What is this? If you haven't seen it before, I've been building Raidbots to be the easiest way to run SimulationCraft for a bunch of common use cases (stat weights, gear comparisons, relics, talents, and more). If you haven't seen it before, the site is basically a nice web UI for common SimulationCraft tasks that allows you to run the simulation on my cloud hardware or copy the SimC script to your local machine. What's New I recently upgraded the Gear Compare page to handle sets of gear to make common tasks like comparing various legendary setups, set armor configuration, and trinket variations far easier. In addition, your simulations should feel a ...