Could we have weapon sets as loot in BFA?

In Legion, all classes had a level playing field with how thier weapons worked. You upgrade using 3 relics, but in all previous expacs the 2handed users were able to obtain their better upgrades in a single hit while rogues and tanks had to wait on 2 individual peices to be able to get the same level of upgrade.

I like the way in which the weapon sets have worked with Artifacts and am wondering if it's possible to implement as the weapon system in the next expac so that every class / spec is on the level playing field again.

Let me know your thoughts, what are the pros and cons?

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The Trial of Style is amazing and I hope Blizzard builds on it.

Could we have weapon sets as loot in BFA?The concept of it is grand and the fact that I, as someone who collects so much transmog gear, have much more reason to keep trying over and over on my alts to try and collect the armor sets. It's been a joy doing it with friends, making new ones, and laughing at our clown suits and applauding others for how awesome they look. I hope this is something Blizzard can totally work on and expand wider and wider with new armor sets and all of that. Would be great to look forward to it and give me more reason to continue collecting transmog as a whole! submitted by /u/Dazed-n-Disoriented [link] [comments]...