Curse App Upgrades - Addon Management and Guild Servers

Curse App Upgrades

The migration to the new Curse App continues with improved addon management support and guild servers!

  • Complete WoW addon and addon settings management
  • Guild Sync, allowing for easy guild server creation with lots of customization options for permissions and channels
  • Full item linking support to show off loot, complete with tooltips
  • UI Wizard lets you easily share your addons or create custom UI packs
  • Faction themes for Horde and Alliance
  • Full Mac support
  • No ads
  • Expanded localization support for many more languages

Guild Sync is a free, easy way to create a chat server for your existing WoW guild.

  • When guild members join, permissions will be granted to them based on their in-game rank.
  • You can post polls to vote on things like raid nights.
  • Create multiple channels for different groups and other activities.

Everyone has been granted a preview of several Curse Premium features through September 25th, 2016:

  • Update all addons simultaneously
  • Multiselect addons
  • Auto-update addons
  • Dragon avatar border on your profile in the Curse app

A Curse Premium subscription will be required to continue using these features after the promotional period ends.

If you haven't already, you can download the Curse app here. Please be sure to leave any feedback you have about this update inside the app via the feedback submission form in the help menu. If you need help or have any questions, please visit our Knowledge Base or reach out to the Twitter account.

What the heck is up with the levelling? (1-60)

Curse App Upgrades - Addon Management and Guild ServersThe quests specifically. It feels like such a disorganized cluttered mess with all the lore in different timeline and places. I haven't played since Classic WoW and I just came back today. My nostalgic highlight was the questing and how important it was to have friends to group up with to complete these quests. I left off at level 40 in duskwood on my paladin but I made a new warrior just to get a feel for the new stuff. I do a few quests in a zone and get a few levels out of that. And without evening completing the zone's quests, I can move onto the next zone. Ontop of that, the quests don't feel challenging at all, just a chore to travel to the location. Am I evening playing ...

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