Does anybody else feel like Void Elves are just a reason for the Alliance to have blood elves?

I feel as though there’s not enough lore behind Void Elves for them to be deserving of an allied race option. In my opinion (which is probably wrong), Blizzard felt like they needed to balance out the Horde getting another elven race, so they threw in Void Elves for the Alliance. Nightborne, Blood Elves, and Night Elves are all related and they “evolved” into the elven species they are at the moment. From my understanding, Void Elves are just normal highborne/blood elves that practice using powers of the Void? My shadow priest does the same thing, but it doesn’t have its own race.

Sorry if this sounds like I’m hating on Void Elves, they look really cool and have a lot of cool animations. I’m just wondering if a different race would be more deserving to take their place, because their lore seems quickly whipped up compared to other races.

I’m interested to hear others’ perspectives and if I am missing a huge chunk of information about the race, I’d appreciate any knowledge others have to share.

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The hardest part of tanking mythic+ is the 100% requirement

Does anybody else feel like Void Elves are just a reason for the Alliance to have blood elves?If you skip too much trash you won't get 100% and can't complete the dungeon. If you skip too little its wasteful and you're considered a noob tank and you might not 3-chest it anymore. So basically I need to memorize, for every dungeon, exactly which packs to pull and which to skip. There is no skill involved in this, the cost of making a mistake is high and the tank can't pass the job off to a more seasoned player in the group. Is there a better way Blizz can accomplish the same thing? submitted by /u/Parke [link] [comments]...