Does Val'Sharah's storyline seem like a big Saturday Morning Cartoon to anyone else?

I mean, sure you have guys dying left and right and becoming corrupted. But lets get out of the way that corruption is a tiresomely overused plot device in WoW, and lost its weight a long time ago. Plus it plays directly into why the whole story feels like a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

But where it really kicks in is when Malfurion gets kidnapped and you're looking for him with Tyrande. The first time I played through these quests, I thought it was hilarious. The 10th time I played through, I still thought it was hilarious.

I don't know if the WoW writers were having a laugh, but the way Malfurion and Tyrande cry and whine for each other, these two who have lived through three full Burning Legion invasions, like an over-dramatic Romeo and Juliet is so bizarre. The way Malfurion begs Tyrande to save him feels like the writers were putting him in a reverse damsel-in-distress role as a gag, only Tyrande was about as useless.

Then you have the fact that so many of the enemies make puns--specifically the treants. "My bark is worse than my bite" har har har, it's funny but compounds the bizarre tone of the entire Val'Sharah plot when you see how seriously Blizzard treats the other zones' stories.

And yes, everyone did die/get corrupted but by the end of the Emerald Nightmare raid everyone is magically back to normal. Ysera is "dead" i.e. in the Emerald Dream but that's literally where she's spent 99% of her life anyway.

It's either like the whole Val'Sharah plot was written for kids, or Blizzard had to rush the zone (it's odd that it's also the only zone where you don't have to do the dungeon for the Pillar of Creation) or the writers were bored of making serious stories and decided to phone in Val'Sharah's plot (corruption plot device + tree puns).

It almost makes me mad that two of the most badass characters from Warcraft III have been reduced to this, but the way Tyrande and Malfurion so pathetically pine for each other while also being completely useless while you hold their hands like you're a parent chaperoning a playdate.

Oh, and remember how Malfurion makes fun of Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket for being a shade, then Xavius makes fun of Malfurion by pointing out that he lost to the Shade? I mean, they're literally jesting with each other--mortal enemies, Malfurion has just witnessed Xavius kill all of his friends and Malfurion makes jokes about it. The guy who facilitated the death of Archimonde can't handle a fucking dungeon boss with anything stronger than a few wisecracks.

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