Elemental Mechanics - Fundamentally Fine or Fundamentally Flawed?

There was a "blue post" from Lore stating that they don't believe anything is "fundamentally wrong" with Elemental mechanics. I disagree just a bit, so I wrote some words.


Background: Since the early days of WoW I've been a Shaman, doing a lot of theorycrafting for Elemental Shaman (and other mathy projects), so even though I made the switch to Mage for Legion I'm still highly qualified to comment.

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Dynamic Race Expansion

Elemental Mechanics - Fundamentally Fine or Fundamentally Flawed?Gonna try to keep this from getting too rambly, cause I know a lot of these ideas have been talked about in depth all over the place. But I wanted to sort of compile everything I think would be great in a character/race featured expansion, similar to how Legion focused on classes. The Engine Base Animations First of all, I'd love to see some more animations added to the mix. I posted a month ago about dynamic falling, and I could see them doing similar things with races for their other basic animations, like swimming and jumping. Plausibility? I think it's reasonable. We got the model updates in WoD, which were amazing in my opinion, but some of the animations just don't look as ...