Endgineer Omegaplugg - WoW Legion

So, this boss was discovered 2 months or so ago now and other than numerous 'exploits' to stop the bombs spawning or fighting the encounter tanking them all with a paladin again abusing mechanics, noone has actually figured out how to successfully correctly kill the boss that I can find.

People have spoken about patterns on the switches, but from what Ive seen the encounter has just bugged after numerous attempts and the bombs have stopped spawning. This seems to have been fixed now as we tried tonight.

Anyone had any luck with figuring out how the bomb mechanics should be dealt with?

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Tuesdays are so fun

Endgineer Omegaplugg - WoW LegionSince resubbing a year ago after a 5 year hiatus I have learned to totally love Tuesdays. Every week I get filled with hope. -Will the Tusks of Mannoroth drop from SoO this week when I run mythic and heroic on my DK and warrior? -Will the main hand Warglaive of Azzinoth drop for my DH this week? -Will Nithogg finally be the world boss again this week? -What will be this week's Legionfall quest? -What will drop in this weeks Nighthold raid? I love it. Even if I'm disappointed with all of the above it doesn't matter because next Tuesday will be another shot at it all. Everyone have a great week and good luck with all the drops you have been hunting for! submitted by ...

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