Enhancement Shaman PvP; how do I stay alive?

I just finished levelling my Shaman and I love the gameplay style and everything, but I've encountered one huge problem; surviving. After I hit 110 and levelled my artifact, I did my favorite activity; joined a few battlegrounds. I'd heard the class was squishy, but damn, it was painful to play.

Our only self-heal uses up both our resources, and we can't even heal ourselves to full. In a 1v1 with a Death Knight I popped all my cooldowns, managed to get their Health to 5% whilst mine was at 70%, then they chain Deathstriked me and managed to fill their Healthbar up again in a matter of seconds before bursting the hell out of me. I only survived by using all my maelstrom on Healing surges, at which point they were still destroying me so I had to get a hex in and run; not that it helped because the DK broke my hex, Deathgripped and killed me anyway.

Our only real CC has a long cooldown, and our only stun gives players two seconds to react and run away from the totem, so good luck getting away from anyone.

I understand the way this game is balanced, I'd understand if we were a sort of 'glass cannon' build with high damage and low survivability, but we're not. We do decent damage and high burst, as compared to my experience playing a frost DK with higher damage and burst and is tanky as hell to match.

Enh shamans who PvP, how do you do it? I know I'm new to the class and have a lot to learn, but I've never struggled this much to get into PvPing on a class before.

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