First night playing WoW beyond level 20

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! I ended off my 2017 doing something I've been back and forth about for several years: starting a WoW subscription. And I'm very glad I did.

You see, I've been playing on and off on a trial account for at least 3 years now, and I have the Warlord's Deathwheel to prove it. Usually I'd drop in to do stuff at Darkmoon, or reroll for the umpteenth time, or both, which means I have a solid collection of heirlooms and pets for a newbie. Nothing ever stuck, no matter the server, or race, or class. I'd be content playing for a week or so at random and then playing something else instead.

Finally, the 50% sale struck just as I started feeling heavily burnt out on the other MMO I'd been playing, so I decided to bite the bullet and really try to love it this time. And all my expectations have been blown out of the water so far. After rerolling every time a character hit 20, I finally settled in on a main, a Tauren shaman named Fox.

I spent the night finally exploring all the new areas. Hillsbrad was awesome, and while I love the dark and twisted Forsaken lore, it also felt amazing to be given the option to fight back against it. Stonetalon was a nice change from that, too - fighting directly against the Alliance, being part of a Bioshock reference, and watching how your actions moved you through the ranks, feeling like a real part of a military force. The S. Barrens was my first time seeing a split zone in action, and it was cool to see what was beyond the huge gate I loved to peek over on my Tauren when he was just a day old. I also got myself killed by some bodyguards (thank god for the self-rez), and had to run away while frantically spam-healing, which was less fun, but still exciting. Then I decided to make a trek over to Feralas for a change of scenery. Kinda sad I missed Desolace - the atmosphere, environment, and music made my jaw drop, running through it - but moved on anyway. I nearly ran into an Alliance town in Feralas and barely missed getting killed by instead I ran to the shore and started questing when I noticed another player doing the same.

So, I ran ahead of them and pulled one of the mobs, but kept it alive and pulled it towards them. Usually people just ignore this and run to the next mob anyway, but this guy got it immediately, ran up and killed it so we both got loot. So from that point on, we just ran down the entire coastline together, taking turns on pulling and killing elementals, shrinking giants for each other, sharing quests without saying a word. And when he was done he just waved goodbye to me, and left to go on about his night. It was really simple, but also a really awesome way to end off my first day of "real" WoW.

Now I need to get some sleep, but I'm looking forward to what 2018, and all the game I've yet to experience yet, will bring. Goodnight from Fox!

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Theory: Battle for Azeroth will further drive a wedge between the Alliance races.

First night playing WoW beyond level 20There have been a lot of jokes post-Antorus about how the Alliance is probably going to forget they have an orbital bombardment platform as soon as they start fighting the Horde again. But that got me thinking: it doesn't belong to the Alliance, it belongs to Velen. And Velen is a huge proponent of ending this war. He definitely won't let his ship be used for that purpose. But as much sense as that makes, how in the world will he explain this to his allies? To humans and worgen and dwarves who think the Horde is an enemy that must be purged? There's no way people like Greymane will take that sitting down, when Velen could destroy every Horde city within hours. I predict that this...