Fresh 100 & End-Game Legion Guide for New/Returning Players

There's always a ton of people in the Murloc Monday thread asking for a run down of Legion & its features, and no one ever really answers because there's so much to say. It's usually just "oh you got this weapon and also there's Argus" .... so I thought I'd make this summary post. If someone wants to sticky this or edit it to perhaps be more concise, be my guest.



At level 98, you unlock access to the Legion starting quests. Just go to your adventure guide and the quest should be there (so long as it's not already in your quest log). You start the questline, go through a bunch of RP, and soon enough you're teleported to the new Dalaran located in The Broken Isles. After this, you start up your class hall quest chain, which brings me to the start of everything...



Every class also has its own class hall, it's where you start your leveling journey when you begin the Legion storyline. Class halls have a lot of features to them, such as missions, followers, order hall upgrades, vendors, questlines, and much more. Every time you finish a zone, (or if you just wanna move on to the next zone) you go back to your order hall to pick a new zone to start questing in. Unlike previous expansions, there's no "order" to the zones. The zones scale to your level, so you can pick any path. Your class hall is also where you go to upgrade your artifact weapon. On that note..



Every spec has its own artifact weapon, that weapon has traits that you unlock as you get more artifact power. Artifact power drops from basically everything. You use the AP tokens and the spec you're currently gets its weapon empowered. Once you hit 110, you gain Artifact Knowledge, which increases AP gains by such a massive amount that you DO NOT need to worry about how you spend AP when you're first leveling. Additionally, weapons have 3 relics slots that can be affixed with relics that match (i.e. Shadow Priests have 2 shadow relics and a blood relic), and those relics can be upgraded using the netherlight crucible which is located on the 2nd level of the vindicaar (MORE ON THAT LATER). Once you reach a certain level, you can get additional artifact weapons. You'll see the quest in your order hall when you get there. Unlocking them all takes minimal time. For more information, look up guides for your spec's artifact weapon. Artifact weapons have skins that you unlock from doing various content. There's a million different guides on that, as well!



Every spec also has legendaries, which are very different from legendaries in other expansions. Basically all content you do has a chance to drop a legendary, and as you do more content you get "bad luck protection" (BLP), thus increasing your chances of getting your next legendary. Doing more content = higher chance of getting your next legendary. These legendary items are 1000 ilevel and have their own unique equip effect (i.e. spell X does Y% more damage when you have aura Z). You start off being able to equip 1 legendary until you unlock the talent in your class hall upgrade tree to equip 2 legendaries (time / resource gated, so get on that ASAP).



There's also a new thing called world quests. World quests drop gold, order resources, bloods of sargeras (a resource for professions & you can buy certain resources with it from a vendor in Dalaran), gear, and much more. You can unlock them once you hit 110 by talking to Khadgar in Dalaran. Every day you get an emissary chest that rewards you for completing a certain category of world quests (i.e. complete 4 world quests in Highmountain). These emissary chests can drop many things, but most importantly they have a very high chance (relative to other content) to drop legendaries. It's highly recommended that you do your emissary chest every day. Addtionally, every week there's a world boss somewhere in the Broken Isles (it rotates every week).



Similar to WoD, flying can only be unlocked in The Broken Isles after completing a set of achievements. Once you unlock it, you can fly anywhere except for Argus. To make a long story short, you have to do a bunch of stuff in Suramar & on The Broken Shore. I could write 5 paragraphs on how to do it, or just link a youtube video. I'm gonna go with the video to save us both some time:



Since Legion's launch, 3 main story lines at max level have happened in Suramar (location of The Nighthold raid), The Broken Shore (location of The Tomb of Sargeras raid), and Argus (location of Antorus the Burning Throne raid). Suramar is unlocked when you hit 110, just go to the Violet Citadel and get the quest "Arcane Anomaly" and you'll get sent off to Suramar! Broken Shore starts with the quest Assault on the Broken Shore, and is available immediately upon hitting 110. If you wanna take a short-cut to catch up, you only have to do the very first bit of The Broken Shore questline. Once you fly down there and turn in the first quest, you can hearth back to Dalaran and start the Argus questline, which brings us to current content!



Argus has a lot of ways to gear up. World quests in Argus drop gear, but these world quests have to be unlocked via completing certain parts of the story line. Additionally, veiled argunite drops from doing various things in Argus(killing rares, opening chests that are scattered throughout, doing world quests, invasions, etc.), and that veiled argunite can be used to purchase 910 "relinquished" gear from a vendor on the ship. Regular invasions drop Argunite and have a chance to drop unsullied gear tokens (instant craftable 880 gear). There's a max of 3 of them on the map on a time. Greater invasions are like world bosses but with better gear drops (930+). Greater invasions are once a week, whereas regular invasions spawn rather frequently.



The current raid tier is Antorus the Burning Throne. LFR drops 915, normal 930, heroic 945, and mythic 960. There's a new system that allows gear to have a chance to be upgraded by extra ilevels, up to a cap that scales with each new raid tier. The current cap is 985. Every week you can get 3 bonus rolls (extra chance for a piece of gear) in Dalaran in exchange for gold, order resources (associated with class halls), and/or marks of honor (new pvp honor points sorta). You're capped at holding 6 at a time.



A huge new part of the game is Mythic+ (or m+ for short), a system that puts a competitive spin on dungeons. Essentially, there's now 3 different dungeon difficulties (normal, heroic, mythic). Normal drops 845, heroic 865, and mythic 885. Then there's the all new m+. Mythic+ is essentially a system that allows you to do dungeons with the stakes raised. You get a key every week that corresponds to a specific dungeon you can put in a bannister thingy at the start of the instance on mythic difficulty. That key has a level associated with it and affixes, and those affixes make the dungeon harder. Additionally, as the key level gets higher, mobs have more health and hit harder. Every week, the affixes change. But in a given week, every key has the same affixes. M+ dungeons also have a timer. Finishing the key in time = the key upgrades, with the magnitude of the upgrade being dependent on how quickly you finish the dungeon. Finishing out of time = key downgrades by 1 to another dungeon. Not finishing at all = key gets lowered by 1, but the dungeon stays the same. You start off at +2's, and if you're competitive the goal is to get to +15's and beyond. There's so much info online, just search for it and you can't not find answers to your questions!



There's a mythic chest located somewhere in your oder hall. You can open your mythic chest on raid reset day (tuesday), so long as you have completed at least one mythic+ dungeon that week (does not have to be in time). That mythic chest contains AP, a chance at a legendary, and a gear piece. That gear piece's ilevel scales based on your highest m+ dungeon in the previous week, with the cap being a +15.


If you're not new & feel I missed anything, LMK!

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