From a story standpoint, its important for BFA’s intial plot to be “less epic” to avoid fatigue

If you look at shounen anime like dragonball super or a show like the walking dead/once upon a time the never ending conflict and the constant need to outdo the previous conflict makes so that the “epic conflict” soon begins to have less meaning and becomes typical. A good example is how currenlty in wow everyone is tired of that stupid shade of dark green the legion uses for everything, its everywhere. Now think if blizz tried to make every conflict traveling to argus level epic and grand, that sort of conflict becomes equivalent to the current state of the color dark green in legion: Nothings wrong with it inherently, its just so constant that you want it to chill out for at least a while. Now that we have had this grand conflict, we need to shift to a more intimate and human conflict in order to prevent things from becoming stale, its also what will make the build up to the next grand conflict and actual build up and rise of tension as opposed to a plateau. So yeah, it may seem weird to not just go to void lords or old gods, but its the smart thing to do and not just for money.

Also if you have seen the trailer and blizzcon footage ( azharas art and tentacles in features trailer ) and dont think we are gonna be dealing with some real lovecraftian shit real soon after BFA’s initial content, you arent paying attention.

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Getting Moroes as your 'ally' is linked to a random quest item drop from Return from Karazhan

From a story standpoint, its important for BFA’s intial plot to be “less epic” to avoid fatigueDidn't see this trending since it's discovery around a day back but there's more information on Wowhead: Step 1: Defeat Mythic Moroes - he has a random chance (as standard) to drop the quest item: Broken Pocket Watch. From my understanding you can't loot this quest item, like others from Bonus Rolls. Just keep doing Karazhan (as I'm sure many are doing right now) or at least defeat Moroes every week. Step 2: This quest item triggers 2 Order Hall missions, 850 level taking 1 day: An Odious Task and A Rare Vintage. Step 3: Create via cooking or buy a Spiced Rib Roast (standard Light Meal, pretty cheap...