Frost DK Dps Help

Hey guys, switched back to frost recently and I am not sure of the talent choices and such after 7.1,

I've built my artifact as per icyveins and am at 24 traits total ilvl 869, weapon is 894, I usually top the charts with unholy but with frost I'm always sub 200k and I am no where on the dps meter if its single target,

I wanted to know where I'm going wrong , here are my logs for EN-

Armory Link -

I've been trying different talents and rotations , but have been mainly following Icy vein's talent set, any kinda help would be great thank you!

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Love the game but don't enjoy any class.

Frost DK Dps HelpHello, Don't know if this is something you would post here. But I have problem. I started wow in Warlords of draenor almost when legion came out. Since then I've loved the game and the story!! I enjoy the feeling of the game and everything about it except the classes. I've now leveled up all the 12 classes to 110 thinking I would like one for my main. But really no class or spec is (by me) fun. I don't really know what to do. So what do you guys think I should do or have anyone had this problem? I will keep playing wow no matter what of course! Love the game!! thx submitted by /u/FJonte [link] [comments]...

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