Gnomes are at a disadvantage. Please fix this in BFA Blizzard!

We gnomes are short. And with this height disadvantage comes a price to pay: our feet can't fricking touch the ground most of the time and instead, we swim. You fellow gnome players know what I'm talking about.

I was in a +14 DHT last night and at the part before the Dragon boss with all the eggs and shit, I couldn't run past the sanguine shit. Instead I was slowly swimming which killed me. I also couldn't eat/drink to remove greivious or mana because I was swimming instead of sitting.

Please Blizzard, for gnome players make areas with water even more shallower. It may look shallow but for a gnome, it's a deep end swimming pool.

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Coming to WoW from ESO

Gnomes are at a disadvantage. Please fix this in BFA Blizzard!Hello fellow peoples I am recently coming to WoW from ESO because of my friends shifting to WoW after Morrowind and One Tamriel shitshows. So I have a few questions, mostly about classes. 1.) How do specs work and can you not cross abilities over between the different specs? 2.) are there any good places for guides and such (are there good informative youtubers?) 3.) Finally, I can't find a class to play, I played a Dragonknight (DK) in ESO (melee range dot class) if that helps with reccomendations. Sorry for the likely poorly formatted post, I did it on mobile and I'm not sure how well The formatting will be :) submitted by /u/WhyUNeedAThrowaway [link] [commen...