Going into BfA...

So, going into BfA we know that we're tossing away our artifacts thanks to Space Satans giant swords eyeball. That's all fine and dandy, but how will the whole "Highlord/Deathlord/Grandmaster/etc" situation play out? Are the ranks just abolished since the factions are not fighting together.

Specifically in terms of Deathlord, since the Deathlord throughout the class campaign has been the righthand of Bolvar, does that mean that LK will once again take control of the Ebon Blade and the Four Horsemen that previously served the Deathlord?

Do we know anything about this yet?

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BEWARE SCAM: Phone calls from Irvine Area

Going into BfA...I was recently contacted by +1 (949) 954-3429 which is a known scam number according to reverse numbers. The number is a Skype outbound caller which means you cannot call it. When called on your phone it shows up as Irvine CA. They are calling pretending to be Blizzard Entertainment. My assumption is they are using Social Graph and some dirty Facebook trickery to reverse names and phone numbers associated to people who have a Social Graph of MMO and World of Warcraft. The caller is calling on "behalf" of customer service and her name is GM Virule. She greets you with a first name and then asks you to verify your Battle.net login information as suspicious activities was detected. O...

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