How do I get rid of tanking anxiety ?

Hi all. I’ve played wow since launch 13 years ago with a small break in MoP and about 6 months of legion. I’ve always healed and for once I fancied the change and thought I’d level a tank.

Since I’ve hit 110 on DH and started doing a few dungeons I’ve realised I suffer from nerves while tanking . I seem to be afraid of being called a noob and being told I’m shit or something like that . I’m even afraid of saying ‘hi guys not been here before ‘ because on the one occasion I did I got called a scrub and the DK just ran around tanking the whole run in which I learnt nothing .

I don’t know why I’ve got this sudden anxiety as I’ve healed in top 50 guilds and have loads of server firsts under my belt ,I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been away a while or because it’s a new role. I’m confident in my ability at tanking ,I never lose threat and read tactics beforehand.

So can anyone tell me if they’ve suffered from tanking anxiety and how they got rid of it ?

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How do I get rid of tanking anxiety ?Imagine it, the Kirin Tor mage council gets together and discusses something very important. All the world shattering threats Azeroth has faced have been put down by the same group of people, we handed them some of the most powerful artifacts the world has ever seen. We can always count on them to end the next big threat, but what if we can't? If old gods and Titans can't stop them who can? What do we do if the heroes personal agenda no longer runs parallel to our own? I would like to see wow address just how powerful your character has become. It's no longer a group of bad guys getting together to destroy the world, but rather just to stop YOU. Even your faction looks at you as ...