How to get over dungeon anxiety?

I saved up a lot of quests that require dungeons for story and crafting. So, I take it as a sign and psych myself up, saying this is gonna be the expansion that I actually get off the sidelines and do group stuff.

I join the group finder, and wait. The prompt pops up and the fanfare plays that a group has been found. My hands start shaking, breaking into a cold sweat, and feel immediately sick to my stomach. I exit the prompt and exit the game in frustration.

I'm mentally handicapped and play hunter because its easier rotation lets me see more of what going on. It also labels me as an idiot according to what I see from other advanced classes in chat. Yeah, I guess I am perpetuating the whole huntard thing, oh well.

I think I play my class well for someone like myself, but I'm sure people would rather not have me in their group. I've tried other classes, but this is the one that clicks with me. I don't really know anyone and what guild wants another hunter, so pugging is my only option.

I kind of wish Blizzard had left profession and the class story out of dungeons so I could at least have had that to do. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and Legion is a great expansion.

How do you guys do it? Am I the only one that is nervous to group?

Edit: I went ahead and tried a dungeon to get started on my alchemy quests. It seemed easier than I though it would be. I didn't pull anything extra, and even got some interrupts in. No one died. I stayed out of the bad stuff, and made use of my heals so the healer wouldn't have to waste heals on me.. The tank spoke up and told me I was a noob and my gear was trash. The rest of the group were all guild members, so I'm guessing they were geared. I told them I was doing the best I could, was told to STFU and kicked. They were doing around 120k dps, I was doing 106k, so I guess it was fair. I shouldn't have gone in under geared.

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