How to unlock Suramar on boosted 110 characters

With the pre-purchase yesterday, a bunch of people (myself included) made use of the free 110 right away for a new alt, and at the moment Nightfallen Emissary is active for EU regions, so a lot of people will want to complete this before it rolls off tonight. The issue is, the game does a bad job of directing you to unlock suramar on a fresh 110, because it's different from any other character to unlock it.

Whereas normally, you'd get a quest in Dalaran from Khadgar to go investigate the arcane message and start the chain with Thalyssra, for some reason that never pops up on boosted 110 characters, but the quest is available and required to unlock Suramar quest chain (And to turn in Nightfallen Emissaries).

The quest itself is locked behind the Scouting Map inside your order hall, much like how you'd start the Val'Sharah or Highmountain zone story quests. Go to your order hall, open the mission table, and open Scouting Map tab at the bottom, there's a Suramar option which gives you the quest that Khadgar normally does. This needs to be translated a lot better to 110 boosted characters, it's really unclear and counter intuitive since it isn't the method you normally get to Suramar on any other character.

TL;DR, it's under Scouting Map at your Order Hall Mission Table, like all other Legion zones starting quests are. NOT from Khadgar in Dalaran.

EDIT: Turns out the follow-up quest Magic Message is broken and can't be picked up/completed by boosted characters right now, Blizzard is aware of it and is working to fix it, but for now even if you do get the quest manually from Scouting Map, you can't progress it any further. Credit to /u/padfootprohibited, can confirm when a GM responds to my ticket about the same issue later today.

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