How visiting an RP realm made the world feel alive

I am not really into RP, but I keep seeing all these cool events happening on RP realms, and I decided that after maining Horde all these years I should probably check out what all this alliance fuss is about.

So I used my BFA boost on a rogue on Moon Guard. The first time I went into the order hall was like walking into a dream. I had a hard time telling the difference between the PCs and NPCs. The sewers were alive!

But while leveling my LF Warrior I saw that it is much more than just the order hall. Running through the cathedral square in stormwind there was some sort of rally or guild meeting or something. And on the ship to darkshore there was a whole team of PC sailors.

Other than walking into some ERP in the inn on the Exodar, I have really enjoyed how full and alive the world is.

I even laid down in Auberdine inn as I logged out. Perhaps there is something to this RP thing.

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The Trial of Style is amazing and I hope Blizzard builds on it.

How visiting an RP realm made the world feel aliveThe concept of it is grand and the fact that I, as someone who collects so much transmog gear, have much more reason to keep trying over and over on my alts to try and collect the armor sets. It's been a joy doing it with friends, making new ones, and laughing at our clown suits and applauding others for how awesome they look. I hope this is something Blizzard can totally work on and expand wider and wider with new armor sets and all of that. Would be great to look forward to it and give me more reason to continue collecting transmog as a whole! submitted by /u/Dazed-n-Disoriented [link] [comments]...