I Acquired my First Ever Mount!

Most of you here probably have hundreds of cool mounts but as a fairly new player, I've never grinded for any mount other than getting gold to buy the ones in some cities.

I finally chose to grind Order of the Cloud Serpant to exaulted to get the cloud serpant mounts and boy was it worth it! I think it took my around 25+ days to get which isn't too bad but getting one mount and how satisfying it is to finally ride it after being jealous of everyone else's epic mounts makes me want to grind more! It is such a great feeling of pride flying around on my newly beloved traditional Asian cultured drake!!

Does anyone have any other mounts that would be fairly easy to grind for a new(ish) player like me? (my account is a level 110 WW monk that I boosted from level 62, the highest I've actually levelled too was 80 so I am not aware of spots to go or where cool mounts drop)

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Is WoW still the triving MMORPG i used to see on TV commercials?

I Acquired my First Ever Mount!Hello there! I am Zephriath! I'm interested in buying WoW and a subscription with it but i still had some questions about the community and the playerbase. My first character is a Draenei Paladin and i was concered about the playerbase, in the starting zones there was no one exept me, and that worries me beceause this does not gives me anwsers about the playerbase later on. I'm willing to grind my way to max level but i still want a feeling of the Massive Multiplayer before level 100 and so my question ; Is there still an active playerbase on low-medium and high levels? TLDR; Is there still an active playerbase on low-medium and high levels? submitted by /u/Zephriath ...